Paradox Coffee & Bistro was a dream for many years, but a budding friendship between two local families made that dream a reality in 2022. Teran & Tiffany Naccarato and Derrick & Tammy Melton came to know one another casually through the renovation of the Naccarato’s home by DM Construction and Remodeling, owned by the Melton’s. Impressed by the quality of craftsmanship, the timeliness, and the passion for Junction City shown during the renovation, the Naccarato’s shared their vision of creating a space for the community that involved great coffee, excellent food, and a welcoming atmosphere with the Melton’s. When the building at 419 N. Washington came up for sale, all it took was sending a photo of the space through text for that vision to grow, and Paradox Coffee & Bistro was born! The two families worked together over many months to create something in which they now take great pride, hopeful that the time and attention poured into the shop would be felt by those who entered its’ doors.

Food is a love language. Every piping hot cup of coffee, every carefully pressed panini, every skillfully baked pastry is an expression of our love for Junction City and all the customers who grace our shop. Food ties us to our community and can be a vehicle for social change. It brings people together in a way that few other activities can, and we pray that you consider Paradox Coffee & Bistro when choosing where to share your next meal or cup of joe!

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You can also find us on the Joe Coffee Order Ahead mobile app or order online here!

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